Giving Back To Our Alma Mater

List of Awardees for KAF-81 Scholarships 2023-24

List of Awardees for KAF-81 Scholarship 2023-24 (₹20,000 each)
Date: 20th Jan 2024
Name of the course
First Name Surname
Bio Chemical Engineering.
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
2nd year
Dev Gupta
Chemical Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Vaastavi Kumar
Chemical Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
3rd year
Manvendra Singh
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
3rd year
Ravi Kumar
Civil Engineering
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
4th year
Prakash Penumala
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Anna Narang
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Sivarama Inturi
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Kunal Manhas
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Lakshya Singhal
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Bala Thanikonda
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Piyush Goyal
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Tirth Bhayani
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Lalit Tolani
Computer Science & Technology
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
3rd year
Unureddy Gundlakunta
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
1st year
Aditya Gadhave
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
1st year
Yogesh Garg
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
2nd year
Agastaya Sharma
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
2nd year
Manya Gupta
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
2nd year
Samar Pal
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
2nd year
Akhand Singh
Computer Science & Technology
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
3rd year
Shubham Sharma
Electronics Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Aditya Gupta
Electronics Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Anand Gupta
Electronics Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
3rd year
Anant Jain
Electronics Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
3rd year
Khushi Jaiswal
Electronics Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
3rd year
Khelan Mendapara
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
1st year
Aman Chauhan
5 Year IDD (B.Tech & M.Tech) / B. Arch
1st year
Mohit Sharma
Mechanical Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
2nd year
Chandan Kumar
Mining Engineering
4 Year B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
1st year
Altafa Ansari


Our Appeal
To students of B-Tech and IDD at IIT-BHU (all years) who are economically weak or have high academic performance : Do visit our website for latest updates on scholarships and other schemes on offer. Visit the Apply Online Section here to apply.

To Batchmates of 1981 batch, other Alumni of IIT BHU and to all other visitors of the website: We are committed to grow the annual payout of scholarship and support to deserving students. We seek your contribution to the corpus and your participation in our activities.

How do I make a contribution ?

You may make your contributions by bank transfer to the following bank account below:

Kasi 1981 Alumni Foundation can provide Sec 80G tax-break receipt for your contribution
  • Bank: ICICI Bank
  • Account Number: 196601000369
  • Name of Account Holder: KASI 1981 ALUMNI FOUNDATION
  • ISFC Code of branch: ICIC0000004
  • Address of branch: Nariman Point branch, 215, Free Press House, Free Press Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
  • Email address : ravi.uchil@kaf81.org

NRI CONTRIBUTORS (Foreign Currency) :
Please enquire if you wish to avail tax-break for your contribution
  • Name of Account: Contributions from NRI(s) Alumni (in Foreign Currency)
  • Account Number : 33279235362
  • Type of Account : Current
  • Name of Bank : State Bank of India, BHU Branch (Branch Code-211)
  • Bank Address : State Bank of India, BHU Branch, BHU Campus, Varanasi-221005, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • IFS Code : SBIN0000211
  • MICR Code : 21002003
  • BSR Code : 0000211
  • SWIFT Code : SBININBB501
  • Email address: assistantregistrar.academic@iitbhu.ac.in with copy to ravi.uchil@kaf81.org


about us
KASI 1981 ALUMNI FOUNDATION is a not-for- profit company formed by alumni of the 1981 batch of IIT BHU and incorporated on 31st March, 2017 under Sec8 of the Indian Companies Act 2013 for carrying out charitable activities for the welfare of deserving and needy students of IIT BHU.

KASI 1981 ALUMNI FOUNDATION aspires to be the first choice for the students of IIT BHU seeking financial support for pursuing their education at the Institute or for furthering creative aspirations related to their curriculum.


The arrival of the new class in 1976, at what was then known as BHU-IT, was a milestone event. For the first time, the seats in all five years of the engineering program were filled by students who had been selected through the gruelling JEE.

This was the time of The Emergency, when ragging was still practiced under hush-hush conditions, English usage was frowned upon in the city, and the Institute was becoming a melting pot for diverse religions, cultures, languages and outlooks.

Students had the luxury of single rooms and were thrown together by batches distributed across all the hostels. It was a time of blending, bonding and growing up. By the time they graduated, the class of 1981 had become brothers and sisters for life, had founded the annual cultural event - Kashi Yatra, and had built up momentum for the wholesale migration of students to IIMs and universities abroad for postgraduate studies.

In 2006, at their twenty-fifth reunion, talk turned to the question of what could be done to show gratitude to the Institute. A collection was taken up with the intention of funding the remodelling of G-11 lecture room, in which many an hour had been spent at lectures and in watching 16mm films weekly, courtesy of the IT Cine Club.

Surprisingly, disbursing those monies was not an easy task. No facility existed for covering the last mile between the source of funds and the recipients; no account existed to which donations could be credited; and no system was in place to identify deserving recipients for scholarships.

In a few years subsequently, it became known that G-11 had been renovated by the Institute itself. So, at another reunion in 2014, sitting around a bonfire in the Mahatma Gandhi Alumni Hostel, the idea to start a foundation took hold and the “last mile problem” of connecting the funds to the awardees was eventually solved by creating the Kasi 1981 Alumni Foundation (known popularly as KAF81) in March 2016, a not-forprofit company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 (Charitable Company) with 5 members of the 1981 batch as full-time directors.

In 2017, KAF81 began making scholarship grants to deserving students. The grant process begins with online applications from undergraduates, which are screened by a committee of batchmates and then a shortlist of candidates who meet the criteria for merit and means are interviewed by panels of alumni from the class of 1981.

Panel members treat their responsibilities as a sacred trust where they give the gift of personal presence over and above their monetary contributions. Personal one-on-one interview sessions at the Alumni Hostel involves sitting across the table with current students, listening to their stories, sometimes of great personal challenges and struggles and providing them with advice, and helping sow seeds for career plans and dreams.

The panel makes recommendations to the Foundation’s board for disbursal of scholarships. The institute has helped immensely in this process by communications to students on the availability of KAF81 scholarships, by verifying applicants test scores and family income levels and by routing the scholarship funds into awardee accounts.

Members of the class of 1981 donate their time and expertise without expecting or receiving any reimbursement whatsoever. Almost one hundred percent of the funds that KAF81 raises, are through annual donations by batch members and occasional grants from charitable foundations. These are earmarked for scholarships or for an endowment to fund scholarships and other academic enrichment activities for current students. The Foundation’s accounts are audited annually and made available upon request.

Scholarship pay-outs have steadily increased over the past four years. In all 93 students have benefited so far, with 36 students receiving scholarship in 2020-21 alone. KAF81 is truly a mechanism by which the class of 1981 is collectively giving back to their alma mater, community and the nation.


Inaugural  meeting of Kasi1981 Alumni Foundation held on 31st March, 2017 at Villa Rashmi, Malad, Mumbai.

Inaugural  meeting of Kasi1981 Alumni Foundation held on 31st March, 2017 at Villa Rashmi, Malad, Mumbai.

IITBHU students of team Avrera who competed in an electric car race in Malasia with help from Alumni of 1981 batch ITBHU in 2016

Presentation by team Avrera about the electric car being prepared for the competition in Malasia.

KAF81 Member Rajendra Tandon, Chemical 1981 speaks about the Foundation at the Launch of Centenary Celebrations Function at IIT-BHU on 23rd February, 2018

KAF81 Members meet with Director, IITBHU, Prof R Sangal on the side lines of the Function

Prof A S K Sinha, Dean, Academic Affairs gives away KAF81 Scholarship Certificates to students, 24th February, 2018.

Some of Scholarship awardees with Prof A S K Sinha and Members of KAF81.

KAF81 Scholarship Certificate.

Alma Communique Nov 21


KAF81 Scholarships 2023-24

KAF81 is committed to support more students each year.

Online Applications for KAF81 Scholarships 2023-24 are NOW CLOSED

KAF 81 FAQ (Applicants)

Q What is KAF81?
A KAF81 is an acronym for KASI 1981 Alumni Foundation. KAF81 also refers to itself simply as the “Foundation”. KAF81 is a not-for-profit company formed by the alumni of the 1981 batch of IIT-BHU.
Q What are the stated objectives of KAF81?
A KAF81 was setup to promote welfare programs for needy and deserving students of IIT-BHU.
Q When and where was KAF81 setup?
A KAF81 was incorporated on 31st March, 2017, in Mumbai.
Q What is the organizational form of KAF81: a Trust, a Registered Corporation, a Charity? Please explain.
A KAF81 is a Company incorporated under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013.
Q How does KAF81 raise funds to accomplish its objectives?
A KAF81 raises funds through contributions, sponsorship etc from Members or their acquaintances.
Q What are the facets of the scholarship program?
A Merit-cum-Means Scholarships:
These are Annual Scholarships offered only to students who are Indian nationals residing in India and currently pursuing any stream at IIT-BHU, in any year of each course.
Students who have already received scholarships/ funding from elsewhere for the current academic year, cannot apply. In case scholarships/ funding is received by the student after the KAF81 Scholarship is awarded, the Foundation would recover the whole scholarship amount and give it to the next most deserving applicant.
After preliminary screening of applications by the KAF81 Scholarship Committee, applicants short-listed on the basis of both merit and means are met on campus by KAF81 Scholarship Committee members, over face-to-face or through on-line video interviews.
The selection of awardees is done by the KAF81 Scholarship Committee and their decision if final. The award is a grant and not a loan, so no interest is charged, nor collateral taken, nor money expected to be returned to the Foundation. The award money will, in the general case, be transferred to the awardee fees account with the Institute.
Q What is the duration of scholarship: full academic journey or partial?
A Merit-cum-Means Scholarships are for two semesters (one academic year). The awardee may re-apply for the next year’s scholarships. Renewal is not automatic, and the student must continue to meet the rigid criteria plus also be evaluated alongside all other applicants.
Q As a recipient of the KAF81 Scholarship, what is expected of me?
A As a recipient of the KAF81 Scholarship, the recipient automatically becomes a member of KAF81 Excellence Team, a group of all current and past recipients of Scholarships from the Foundation. As a member of this group, the Foundation will appeal to you to contribute to the Foundation after you graduate out of the Institute and secure your own livelihood. This is to encourage and enable you to support the Foundation in providing Scholarship, Grants and welfare programs to other deserving and needy students from your Alma Mater, IIT-BHU. You are therefore obliged to regularly update your contact particulars with the KAF81 office.
Q How many students have been awarded scholarship, and in what amounts?
A KAF81 was set up in 2017. Scholarships awarded (Rs) :
2017-18: ₹1,65,000
2018-19: ₹2,30,000
2019-20: ₹3,55,000
2020-21: ₹4,50,000
2021-22: ₹5,20,000
2022-23: ₹6,00,000
2023-24: ₹6,00,000
Q Is the IIT-BHU administration involved in this process?
A IIT BHU Administration is involved in vetting of applications for grade performance/JEE scores and income levels, routing KAF81 communications to students, supporting the interview process and issue of award funds. IIT BHU will communicate important notices to students, if any, related to the scholarship. However, applicants are requested to visit this website for any special notices related to the scholarship or other programs of KAF81
Q When can I make an application for academic year 2024-25, and how ?
A Applications for KAF81 Scholarships for academic year 2024-25 can be only made on-line on this website. Applications received here on or before 15th October, 2024 only will be considered.
Q How can I communicate with KAF81 for any clarifications?
A For any general query or feedback please write to info@kaf81.org. A response may be expected within 7 working days. You may also give your feedback directly on the website in the Contact Us Section.


1. Can I get a fee remission because my family’s income is very low?
A. KAF81 awards scholarships up to a maximum value of Rs 20,000 per annum. KAF81 scholarships are based on a number of criteria and your family income is one of those criterion.

2. I am in a preparatory course. What rank should I write in the application?
A. Unfortunately, preparatory-course students are not eligible for a scholarship from KAF81. You must be a regular, admitted student in one of the four/five years.

3. I put down my JEE Advance roll number instead of my Institute roll number. What can I do to correct this?
A. Fill out a new application. Your Institute roll number is required.

4. I did not write my surname in my application. What can I do to correct this?
A. Your name must be exactly the same as recorded by the Institute. Fill out a fresh application. Surname is mandatory.

5. The question asks “Did you secure admission through any other means or quota?” What does quota mean?
A. The question asks you to state whether you are a General Category student or Reserved Category such as through Sports Quota etc ?

6. I am a first-year student and my family income is less than 1 lakh. The university has already reduced my fees. Am I still eligible to apply?
A. Yes, you are still eligible to apply

7. I am a first-year student and I want to know who can apply.
A. You must be a regular, admitted student with a Institute-provided Roll Number.

8. I am a first-year student but I have not received my Institute roll number.
A. Check with the Institute. Your roll number should have been allotted by now.

9. My family income is 6.3 lakhs; am I still eligible to apply?
A. Yes, you can apply.

10. What are the due dates and deadlines for applications?
A. For 24-25 Scholarships last date for application is 15th October 2024

11. I am a PhD student. Can I apply for the KAF81 Scholarship?
A. KAF81 Scholarships are only for B.Tech and IDD students.

12. I have family related issues which necessitates my need for a scholarship
A. We empathize with difficult situations in our students’ families and will factor the same in our decision-making process. Please see the eligibility criteria for applying.

13. I am getting a Merit cum Means Scholarship from the Institute. Can I apply for KAF81 Scholarship?
A. No, you cannot. As per the eligibility criteria KAF81 Scholarships are only granted to students who are not getting any other scholarships.

14. Does KAF81 provide Scholarship or funds for students wishing to go abroad for graduate or higher studies?
A. Not currently.


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Deval Patel Associates, Deval Chambers,
2 Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort,
Mumbai – 400 001

For general queries and feedback: info@kaf81.org